About us

The company Norma supplies tumbled marble throughout the CIS. Our products are versatile. They are widely used in landscape design and allow you to realize the most daring creative ideas. We offer white, gray and pink stones ranging in size from 5 mm to 120 mm. The production uses a modern Italian packaging line.
Marble has been known since ancient times. From Greek this word is translated as "shining stone". Only at those times rich people could afford to decorate their home with it. Now it is available to almost anyone.
Marble is a centuries-old creation of nature. It is timeless and doesn’t depend on changeable fashion trends. The use of this stone in home decoration allows you to create unique interior solutions that can be admired endlessly.
The technological process at the enterprise is divided into several stages:
• quarry mining;
• crushing of marble rock;
• tumbling, rounding of marble crushed stone;
• selection, sorting of products;
• packaging;
• shippping.